Pittsburgh Public’s Shakespeare Competition


2019 Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Competition

 Sponsored by Mrs. Kelly Barefoot (barefootk@pt-sd.org)

Begin by visiting: https://ppt.org/ppt_home/engage-learn/sh/monologue to learn of the guidelines and rules for competition

Then, fill out a Googleform to register: https://goo.gl/forms/aPU8F6BsihnDiI293

It’s that time of year again! Mrs. Barefoot will once again be taking students to the Pittsburgh Public’s Shakespeare Competition in February. Registration is now open and preparation for the event begins after Coffee House. 

 Here is also a link to my Google Registration form so people can click and go!


Please direct any questions to Mrs. Barefoot

English Department, Ext 5249

Honors 10, Academic 11, Theatre I&II